Mandrake's House

Mandrake also made a contribution to the Chair Affair. Repainted and sanded, half of Mandrake's house is donated to be repurposed as a doll house/ bookshelf.


Gertrude the Chair

Made another chair for the Chair Affair, hosted by Community Warehouse.


PDX Fashion Exchange

Pom pom dinosaur poncho and Kulululu painted bomber jacket. Tommy the dog (not a pug) is wearing a poncho made of a sweater sleeve and hand made pom poms. Jeff from Kulululu is wearing a sea themed jacket, with a spider crab mascot.


Holiday Wreath

Didn't get a holiday wreath this year, so we just made one. Made of opaque white acrylic pine needles, laser cut walnut veneer pine cones, and CNC milled/ LED lit ornaments.


Save the Dates & Guest Book

Some of my good friends recently got married and asked me to help them with their DIY wedding. I got to design their Save the Dates and Guest Book for their beautiful wedding.


Harriet the Chair

Community Warehouse has an event every year called the Chair Affair and a friend of mine asked me to participate. It was a really fun project. I rebuilt a broken Lincoln rocking chair into an artistic functional piece for the Chair Affair. I sanded the shellac off of the existing rocking chair and finished it with a dark danish oil. Instead of reweaving with a chair cane, I used nylon strings to reweave the chair. It created a string hammock like rocking chair.


North West Film Festival

At ZGF, I was given the opportunity to make a set of props for the North West Film Festival. Their logo is the Steel Bridge as a film projector, and we were asked to make it into a three dimensional model for the event. We made a set of bridges with actual changing LEDs and two torque servos to turn the fabricated film reels.